I am so stoked to announce that I am now on staff with Christian surfers as an ambassador as I travel the world competing.
Here is Christian Surfer’s press release on my addition to their team.
“We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new member to our CSUS staff.  God has led us to try something we’ve never done before.  In an effort to “Connect Surfers to Jesus” we have invited a young man on to our team that has been actively engaged in that mission for years.  Nate Dorman has joined the CS crew as an ambassador to the WQS.  As a pro surfer he is aware of his identity in Christ, not surfing, and he is actively engaged in seeking to make disciple makers right where God has placed him.  Please pray for Nate as he lives out the love of Jesus in this realm.  Also, follow his journey  and consider supporting him in this mission (all gifts are tax deductible).  Feel free to drop Nate an email of encouragement.  NATE “the great” welcome to the CS family!!”

I am raising my support as a staffer with Christian Surfers. If you are interested in coming on my support team, please contact me at ndorman94@gmail.com